Routine referrals are usually made within 5 working days of your appointment. If your referral is urgent then it will be made on the day of your appointment. 

Research has shown that patients want to be more involved in making decisions about their healthcare. As a result the NHS now gives you more choice and flexibility in how, when and where you are treated. This service is called NHS e-Referral Service and most of our referrals are now made this way. Please follow the link if you would like more information. 

In order to ensure that your referral is appropriate, and to increase the quality of referrals in general, NHS Camden screens all routine NHS e-Referrals in the borough. This service is called CCAS, the Camden Clinical Assessment Service. It will be a CCAS administrator who contacts you to arrange your preferred appointment. 

You should have your appointment arranged within 2-3 weeks of seeing the GP. If you have not heard from CCAS in that time then please contact our medical secretary.