Health and Wellbeing

We recognise the role a healthy lifestyle has in improving patient well-being. We encourage our patients to eat sensibly, exercise regularly and participate in community activites.

Our first community activity is the knitting group.

Do you knit or crochet? Come and join us for our knitting and crochet get together at the practice. All are welcome from absolute beginners to those more experienced stitchers. Bring your own needles and yarn if you can and we can share ideas, tips and patterns. We can loan a small amount of yarn and needles if you do not have your own, but please bear in mind that supplies are limited. We will also have our very own knitting and crochet enthusiast at the practice to help with any knotty problems. 

Here are some of the feedback from patients who attended the Knitting Group:

"I am so pleased that there is a group here, it's so nice to have something like this locally"

"The group is very good idea to bring people together"

"Debby is very patient and kind when trying to show me how to knit after many years of not knitting a thing!"

"It is very nice to have something like this that does not charge, so many of the things I would like to attend are too expensive for me"

We are also pleased to announce Yoga for healthy back coming soon.

Please see below our timetable of activities.

  • Knitting Group 'Unwind' - Next meeting on Thursday 28th November at 3-4pm
  • Yoga Group - starting early December. Further details to follow